OSHA Certification & Its Role In Employee Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration more popularly known as OSHA sets the pace for safety standards at workplace and is designed to protect the health and safety of employees. Workers in almost all type of industries face several health hazards both physical and biological. OSHA certification requirement helps in ensuring worker safety and mitigates the health risks associated with your profession.

The OSHA certification requires employers to certify that each operator of a unit is trained and evaluated to meet the safety requirement standards as set by OSHA regulations. The assessment and OSHA certification is done by an approved and qualified agency. The training and evaluation should include a lecture, practical demonstration through videos and interactive computer instruction. Employers are required by the regulation to verify whether the employee has received proper training. They are evaluated every three years to make sure that the abilities are as sharp as ever.

OSHA’s mission is to make sure that employees have a safe workplace devoid of any health hazards. They set and enforce safety standards for various types of professionals by providing training, education and assistance. Employers are required to comply with the various clauses to make the workplace free of serious recognized hazards.

The jurisdiction covers private sector employers but does not include self employed, family farm workers and those employed by the government. The OSHA inspections are conducted without advance notice and on site. In some cases it is even done through fax and telephones. The OSHA inspectors will provide you with identification and the reason why they are inspecting your facility. In most cases there are no notices provided. Most of them are necessitated because of injuries, complaints or as a part of routine visit.

The inspectors will walk through the designated areas to look out for any hazard that has the potential to cause injury to the workers. Situations such as faulty machinery functioning, lack of safety equipment, absence of clear pathway in emergency exits and fire hazards are dealt with immediately. Injury and illness logs are examined and reports accessed for any omissions or void in procedures and systems.

The inspector may focus on items such as first aid box and kits given to workers to keep them protected from work hazards in various fields. Every item that contributes to the safety of the employee is inspected and analyzed for compliance of regulations and potential problems. OSHA classes required to present reports and a list of fines within a stipulated time of the inspection.

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